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In the beginning...

A fine hand lettering artist for more than 30 years, Jen Grove saw her dream become reality when she, along with partner and percussionist Michael Logsdon, opened the doors to LETTERSONG CALLIGRAPHY STUDIO/GALLERY in 2013. (She's the Letter, he's the Song...)


A fulltime calligraphy studio, art gallery, music venue and event space, Lettersong  is in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Jen's calligraphy tutorials plus a nationally known selection of calligraphy and bookmaking workshops play nicely with yoga, dance, mixed media, gallery exhibitions, living room style concerts, weekly open mics and special events.

Located in Butchertown, one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, Lettersong is an active member of The Butchertown Neighborhood Association. 


Central to Jen's vision for Lettersong Gallery is the notion of combining the visual and the audio sensory experience - a place to experience the love of letters and song:


"My intent is to render calligraphically or sculpturally - or both - the original lyrics of local musicians, and present them  in an exhibit in our gallery. The writers and songsters would then perform them live at an opening event.

ALSO I want to bring the love of letters and the study of ancient scripts to the public, to bring inspired local original music to blend written and sung words, and enjoy performance art in our gallery." 





Lettersong Calligraphy Studio/Gallery offers an historic Louisville venue to hang your art, play your tunes and dance your heart out. Our space is also available for your event, reception or concert - get in touch here for more information.

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