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 Lettersong Studio offers custom designed lettering and calligraphy on wine glasses for special occasions, on small glass gems or on any glass surface with a high fire paint that is dishwasher safe.. They can be inspirational affirmations, or simply commemorative items... OR, they might be used for spiritual prompts. For example, if you had one that said "peace" and you reached into your pocket and found the gem, it would remind you to be at peace.


Cabashon, Glass Stones, Nuggets.
Cabashon is a jeweler's term that refers to a flat stone with a rounded or domed top. 
These are recycled glass called “nuggets.” I have nicknamed them “cabbies.”
They are hand painted with a high fire paint, then fired in a kiln.
These quotes will not scratch off. Dishwasher safe!
Some favorites are, “breathe” or “let it go!” and “Paradise is no journey; it is within .~Emily Dickinson.” Whenever possible I will write the attributions.

Hand painted, *glass stones* can be purchased individually or with a custom handmade bag. They can have themes, like encouragement quotes, “nothing last forever, not even a bummer,” or “Often, your best teacher is your own heart." My personal fave is "Never Give Up." You may chose your own favorite quotes if you chose to custom order. If you leave it up to me, I have Inspirational quotes, quotes about Love, Education and Art. (what else is there?) These come ten to a bag. 

These little bags are great ice breakers at weddings and parties. So often people will draw from the bag a message that speaks to them at that moment in their life, and they get to keep the nugget to use it like a worry or a wish stone or pass it along to someone who might enjoy it. It can be a simple message, reminding to “breathe” I go through favorites. Like... “live your best.” The ultimate in the subliminal. Can be used in divination. Simply draw a cabbie from the bag and see what might be the very advise you need. Each cabbie is hand lettered and unique.

Sometimes the stones are very bossy and say things like, “ stand up straight” or

“No more amber liquor.” Sometimes it will be a quote from a classical poet or from a pop song. the context is always interesting... like, “what a long strange trip its been.” Your choice, or leave it up to me. 

Bags of cabbies, including a handmade bag and 10 glass nuggets are $50.00. Glass nuggets can be purchased individually. Custom orders pricing depends on the job. No minimum order. Half-price deposit required on orders of over 30.


For more samples visit,

For information about calligraphy classes or to order a commission:
(personalized wine glasses, custom painted also available)
Jen Grove or
1501 Story Ave Louisville, KY 40206

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