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Current classes are offered across several genres and typically meet on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly. Parking is available on the street OR the two lots beside Lettersong. Have an idea for a class or instructor of same? Let us know!

Comunity Yin Yoga

Wednesdays 6:00 until September 30th moves to Mondays 6:00

Come together to honor the upcoming Yin season by showing up for your Self, slowing down and becoming rooted in the breath- that which naturally occurs without effort.

In Yin Yoga we take time to settle into seated postures with support by yoga bolsters (big "pillows" used for this particular style of yoga), blankets and foam blocks.

Once settled, we use the breath to relax deeply. By focusing on the breath... in and out... we are able to quiet the mind chatter. The mind chatter, over-bearing thoughts, worrying- all of which are present within all of us will began to dissolve away leaving you with a clear mind, relaxed body and soul filled with love. Each class ends with a Yoga Nidra practice, commonly referred to as a "yogic sleep". In this portion, I will guide you through a meditation with a strong focus on feeling present in your own body and relaxing the business of the mind.

Remember who you are- you are your heart.

This is a donation-based practice made to be affordable by all within our Louisville Community. A suggested donation of $5-$20 will be humbly accepted- but a donation is NOT required to participate in the class.

Where: 1501 Story Avenue

More info at

Sunday Afternoon Kundalini Yoga

taught by Loren Crawford at Walden School - Sunday afternoon 2:00 pm

Loren Crawford/Sat Sandesh Kaur is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor as taught by Yogi Bhajan and a certified YogaEd instructor, a yoga program for children. A native of Louisville, she has moved back home after living in Chicago where she began her yoga training under Shakta Kaur, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Director of International Training for the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), and Dr. Hari Simrat Singh Khalsa of San Francisco. In Chicago she taught at Kundalini Yoga in the Loop on Michigan Avenue, Hazelden Treatment Center, Studio Ganesh and for private clients. She also established and taught the after-school yoga program at Whittier Elementary School. In addition to certification, she has advanced training through the KRI Level Two modules of Mind & Meditation, Vitality & Stress, Authentic Relationships and Lifecycles & Lifestyles. On the arts side of life, Loren is also a writer and arts educator, currently  the drama  theater arts instructor at Walden School. .Loren shares Kundalini classes and workshops in Kentucky and close by, as well as kriyas, meditations, teachings, recipes, and inspiration. Please join us for this regular Sunday afternoon class at Lettersong. Bring a mat, loose clothes and prepare to enjoy Loren's instruction as she guides us through the kriyas and gong bath. See you at 2pm! Cost: donation-based

Calligraphy Studio

with Jen Grove, by appointment

 Come learn the basics of the calligraphic and book arts in a private, tutorial style setting with proprietor Jen Grove.

Enjoy learning the history and the lastest trends in individual or small group personalized instruction. Also calli- parties available.

Calligraphy is more than connecting marks, it is a meditative process that engages you on many levels. There are many creative approaches and each individual enters that calligraphic journey their own way. I am excited to share the road and show some tricks that can save the new student alot of time and frustration. It takes alot of practice sure... yet, if you begin with strong basics you can establish a good foundations. I hope to help grow the calligraphy community and have joint exhibitions at Lettersong Gallery.Please contact Jen for pricing, availability and any questions.

Intro to Calligraphy Nov 6, 13, 16, 20, 27 2019

 I will  begin be teaching an 4 week introductory calligraphy course, starting Nov 6, 2019..  Children & young adult classes available too. This four-week course mets 6:30-8:30 and is designed to introduce you to the calligrapher’s basic tools and to make them your own. It will cover posture, pen angle, letter proportion and a review of the various styles.  Everyone will do a finished piece. Cost $120. Students should bring metal rulers and a pencil and any calligraphy supplies or books they might already have. Find your inner calligrapher, come make your mark!

Painting with Oils

with Ken Lucchese - Tuesday evenings @ 5:30-7:30

Ken Lucchese simplifies the oil painting process by presenting its fundamental principles in his easygoing, cheerful style. Students learn and develop at their own pace, benefit from sharing ideas with other painters, and learn about the technical means at their disposal to create expressive, dynamic oil paintings. An alum of the Fine Arts program at the University of Louisville, Ken has been teaching, painting and performing for years and has been a fixture around Lettersong since it opened in 2013. In addition to teaching and his own Lettersong gallery exhibition in spring, 2014, he's also a mighty fine and versatile guitarist - you can catch him here playing nearly every Thursday on Throw Back Thursday Open Mic night.Cost: $135 per 8-week session, light refreshments provided. Please contact Ken here with questions and information about supplies. The next 8 week session starts Jan 15th, 2019

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